2022 Volume 13 Issue 1

Immobilization and Performance of Cellulase on Recyclable Magnetic Hydrotalcites


Tran Boi An, Duong Huynh Thanh Linh, Nguyen Phung Anh, Tran Thi Tuong An, Nguyen Tri*


mHT(Zn) and mHT(Mg) hydrotalcites were fabricated by co-precipitation of Zn2+/Al3+ and Mg2+/Al3+ salt mixtures in the presence of Fe3O4 and used as supports for immobilizing cellulase to form [email protected](Zn) and [email protected](Mg). The structure and properties of mHT(Zn), mHT(Mg), [email protected](Zn), and [email protected](Mg) were characterized by Fourier−transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, filtering electron microscopy. The effect of pH, cellulase concentration, and the number of supports on the immobilization of cellulase onto supports were carefully investigated. The enzyme activity of free cellulase, immobilized cellulase, and immobilization efficiency was analyzed by determining reduced glucose using DNS as a color indicator. The highest immobilization efficiency obtained was 94.9 % when carried out on mHT(Zn) at pH 6.5 and 95.3 % on mHT(Mg) and the concentration of cellulase in 0.1mg/mL at the pH of 5.5, using 0.2 g of supports. [email protected](Zn) and [email protected](Mg) show high enzyme activity when reacting with 1 % CMC solution at 50 oC with relative enzyme activity of 78.0% and 70.4 %, respectively.

Keywords: Immobilization, Cellulase, Recyclable, Magnetic, Hydrotalcite



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