Thermodynamic Solvation Parameters for Saturated Benzoic Acid and some of its Derivatives in Binary Mixtures of Ethanol and Water

Elsayed M. AbouEllef , Esam A. Gomaa , and Maii S Mashaly


Different thermodynamic parameters of solvation were evaluated for the benzoic acid, orthotoluic acid, paratoluic acid, 2-chloro benzoic acid and 4-chloro benzoic acid by measuring the molal solubilities of their saturated solutions at different temperatures in binary mixtures of ethanol-water solvents. The solubility was increased when the mole fraction of ethanol increased in the binary mixtures, and also their solvation behaviors were increased by increasing temperature. The experimental solubility, the free energy, the entropy, the enthalpy and the other solvation parameters were determined, and the findings were discussed.