Synthesis, Characterization and Antioxidant Activity Studies of New Azo-Compounds

Latifa Kribaa , Salem Atia , Aicha Boudehane , Raja Maher Moner Bader , Noureddine Gherraf and Ali lounas


Four new azo-azomethine ligands (b2, b3, c2 and c3) have been prepared from the reaction of 4, 4′ (diamino diphenyl) methane with 5-(4-X-phenyl)-azo-salicylaldehyde (X = H, CH3 and Br). Furthermore, derivatives of Schiff bases (c1–3) have been prepared by the reduction of imine function (b1–3) with Sodium borohydride. The dyes have been characterized by IR, UV–Vis and 1H NMR spectroscopic techniques as well as elemental analysis. In addition, the assessment of the antioxidant activity of the compounds (c1–3) by DPPH essay gave positive results comparing to ascorbic acid (VC) as a reference compound.

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