Enhanced safety and protection of glutamate induced hippocampal neuronal cells damage by Neurotol


p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }We investigated the neuroprotective effect of Neurotol (Mannitol 10% + Glycerin 10% + RD011 1.5 %) against neuronal damage induced by glutamate compared to Neurotol M (Mannitol 20%), Kratol and Zemisol. Exposure of neuronal cells to glutamate caused concentration dependent neuronal damage as evident by significant increase in LDH activities (P<0.05 to P<0.001). The neuronal cell toxicity by exposure to glutamate involves an apoptotic process. However, among the tested drugs, 100 µM of Neurotol significantly prevented the neuronal cells from glutamate toxicity (P<0.001) indicating Neurotol is fully effective in neuronal cell protection. When various drugs were compared for their involvement in regulation of MAP2 expression, Neurotol was found to significantly up regulate the expression of MAP2, after 6 h of treatment (P<0.05) and was continued upto 24 hrs which was comparable with normal cells at 24 hrs. Therefore, neurotol may become a potential therapy candidate in brain disorders or damage.