Electro-Metabolic Aberrations in New Zealand Rabbit (Oryclotagus cuniculus) Induce by Chloropyrifos

Iniobong R. Inyang , D.U. Tegu , Sylvester C. Izah


The aim of this study was to unveil the effect of Chloropyrifos on Oryclotagus cuniculus electrolytes and metabolites. Twenty-four of the probe organism (mean weight, 1.8 – 2.00kg) were acclimatized to laboratory conditions for 14 days and then exposed to varying concentrations of the toxicant (1.00mgl-1, 2.00 mgl-1 and 3.00 mgl-1) in a renewal bioassay technique for 14 days. Samples were collected and analyzed following standard protocol. Results of blood electrolytes (K+ and Na+) values were significant (p< 0.05), overt fluctuation and diminution of values were recorded. A clear stabilization of values characterized Na+ in the muscle, while Ca2+ values showed a significant deviation from the control. Cortisol in the brain and liver concentration were significant compared to the control group akin to brain and liver triglycerides. Essentially, triglyceride values decreased down in the experimental group (in a dose-dependent pattern). This report unveiled the hazards of pesticide use and the imperative of minimizing pesticide use or discovering pesticides that are safe with minimal impact on organisms.


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Inyang I R, Tegu D U, Izah S C. Electro-Metabolic Aberrations in New Zealand Rabbit (Oryclotagus cuniculus) Induce by Chloropyrifos. J Biochem Technol 2020;11(1):45-8