Dynamical Behavior of Hepatitis B Fractional-order Model with ‎Modeling and Simulation

Muhammad Farman , Aqeel Ahmad , Humaira Muslim , Ehsan ‎Ul Haque , M.O Ahmad‎ ‎


We presented a nonlinear time-fractional model of Hepatitis B in order to understand the ‎outbreaks of this epidemic disease. The fractional parameter is used to develop the system of ‎complex nonlinear differential equations by using Caputo sense with fractional order ‎derivative. We investigated the qualitative analysis of the fractional-order model and also the ‎stability of the model was checked through the analysis. Hepatitis B is a highly contagious ‎disease that can spread in a population depending on the number of susceptible people or patients ‎with chronic disease and also depending on their dynamics in the community. The solution of the ‎classical, as well as the time-fractional model, was procured by using LADM. Finally, ‎numerical simulations are also established to investigate the influence of the system parameter ‎on the spread of the disease‎‎.

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