Determination of Some Toxic and Nontoxic Metals on Cheaper Brands of Cosmetic Products

Faten M. Ali Zainy


Background: Growth in the demand for cosmetics has resulted in the emergence of various cheap products. Aims: The study aims to assess the toxic and nontoxic metals in cheaper blusher and eye shadow cosmetic brands. Methods: A total of 70 samples (39 cheap blushers and 31 cheap eye shadow samples) belonging to different brands and sources were analyzed using ICP-MS instrument to determine and compare their toxic (Pb, Mn, Cd, Ag, Au, Cu, Cr, Ni, and Ba) and nontoxic (Fe, Al, Zn, and Ti) metals composition with respect to their colors. Samples were digested with concentrated nitric acid before introducing to the ICP-MS technique. Results: Fe was present with a high concentration in most blusher samples reaching 14311.63 ppm, while Al reached to 1378.50 ppm only. Pb, Ag, Au, and Ni were absent in most samples. On eye shadow samples, iron was present strongly with a concentration reaching to 9930.95 ppm on green samples but absent in violet- and white-colored eye shadow samples. Al was present in most of the samples with level reaching to 2484.38 ppm. The gold-colored eye shadow samples were rich in Fe and Al levels reaching to 1943.87 and 1745.27 ppm, respectively. Mn concentration reached to 2033.33 ppm in blue-colored eye shadow samples, while Cu concentration reached to 3134.35 ppm in violet-colored eye shadow samples. Ti was present in all samples with low concentration. Conclusion: Women must avoid using cheaper brands to prevent exposure to the high concentrations of toxic materials which cause a negative effect on human health‎‎.


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