Comparative Study of Total Polyphenol and Antioxidant Activity in Different Forms of Al-Kbous Black Tea

Rasha A. Mansouri , Hadeil M. Alsufiani , Gadah A. Alshahrany , Kholoud A. Alyami , Laila M. Alzahrani , Raghad O. Yamani , Ayat M. Shorbaji , Ulfat M. Omar


This study aimed to compare total polyphenol content and antioxidant activity of different forms of Al-Kbous black tea: teabag (TB), loose tea (LT), and opened teabag (OTB). Total polyphenol content was assessed by the Folin–Ciocalteu method, and DPPH and FRAP assays were used to determine antioxidant activity. The results revealed that TB and OTB have significantly more polyphenol than LT at the 5- and 15-minute brewing times. In addition, the data indicated that TB and OTB exhibit significantly greater DPPH radical scavenging activity than LT at all brewing times, while the results of the FRAP assay revealed that TB and LT had significantly greater reducing antioxidant power than OTB at all brewing times. In conclusion, the present results revealed that Al-Kbous black TB brewed for 5-20 minutes produces greater quantities of polyphenol and has either a greater or similar antioxidant capacity in comparison to LT. Additionally, the given results showed no effect on total polyphenol content or the radical scavenging activity of tea extract when prepared by opening the teabag.

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