CMP Promoters Database: A systematic study on site-specific transcription factors in CMP genes


CMPP Database (Central Metabolic Pathway Promoter Database) consists of manually annotated regulatory sequences/motif of genes controlling Metabolic Pathways ( such as Glycolysis’ and Krebs’ cycle. The CMPP software package written in Microsoft Visual Basics & MS Access was also developed for searching & updating the CMPP database. This database was further used to study the relationship between 10 transcription factors involved in the non-coding upstream region of CMP genes. There is an existence of common motifs between the genes encoding enzymes involved in glycolysis and Krebs cycle revealing an evolutionary relation between the genes of the two pathways. However, some of the common motif such as TATA uncommon motifs as NKX and AP2 making up the structural feature of the non coding genes are absent from few genes. Keywords: Non-coding sequence, Phylogeny, TCA, Glycolysis, TRANSFAC, Promoter, Database, Central Metabolic Pathway. Received: 17 March 2008 / Received in revised form: 5 February 2009, Accepted: 31 April 2009 Published online: 14 May 2009

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