Amylase produced by Bacillus sp. SI-136 isolated from sodic-alkaline soil for efficient starch desizing


Bacillus sp. SI-136, isolated from sodic-alkaline soil, showed 94% similarity to B. cereus group based on 16S rDNA sequence. It produced α-amylase of 26 kDa with maximum activity at pH 10.0, stable up to pH 12.0 and 80oC. Mn2+ enhanced its activity as also 10% NaCl in medium. Agricultural waste substrates supported growth and enzyme activity was enhanced by 30% with sugarcane bagasse. The partially purified enzyme showed efficient desizing of cotton fabric at 50oC (40-60 min) or 70oC (60 min) with Tegewa rating 7-8, and at 95oC (20 min) with Tegewa rating 9, properties enabling utility in textile industries.