Amycolatopsis alba var. nov DVR D4, a bioactive actinomycete isolated from Indian marine environment


The taxonomic position of a bioactive marine isolate, strain DVR D4 was established using a polyphasic approach. The organism merits species status in the genus Amycolatopsis according to the chemical and phenotypic data. Phylogenetic analysis of the strain based on its 16S rDNA sequence shows that there was 100% pair-wise similarity and identity with no nucleotide gaps with the species Amycolatopsis alba strain DSM 44262. As the organism was distinguished with substantial differences in some of the phenotypic characteristics and other properties, it was proposed as a strain variety of Amycolatopsis alba and designated as Amycolatopsis alba var. nov DVR D4 (GenBank accession number of strain D4 is JN872327).

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