A Review on production of echinocandins by Aspergillus sp


For the last two decades Echinocandins have successfully emerged out & gained considerable importance when introduced in the World  Pharma Market. Echinocandins are  new novel class of drugs  for fungal infections. Echinocandins inhibit an enzyme necessary for the formation of fungal cell wall components, thus  disrupts the integrity of the cell wall and eventually leads to cell death. They are fungicidal and less toxic to the host by virtue of their novel mechanism of action. Aspergillus sp is the most investigated species among many fungal species producing secondary metabolites of this kind. Bioprocess parameters help us to understand the relationship between the fungal growth and its secondary metabolite (Echinocandins) in large scale The objective  of the present review is to provide an updated & thoughtful overview for the appropriate fermentative production methodology.

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