Phenol and color removal in hydrous ethanol vinasse in an air-pulsed bioreactor using Trametes versicolor


Vinasse is a problem in worldwide and one that is predicted to increase over the years to come. Total phenol and color removal from this type of vinasse was evaluated using an air-pulsed bioreactor inoculated with Trametes versicolor. Batch operation of the bioreactor removed 71% of total phenol, 18% of color and 40% of chemical oxygen demand (COD). Maximum laccase activity achieved was 428 U/L. The air-pulsed bioreactor was subsequently operated in continuous mode for a period of 25 days, removing 80% of total phenol, 17% of color and 60% of COD. Laccase activity ranged from 956 to 1630 U/L. The results indicate that continuous operation of an air-pulsed bioreactor under the conditions proposed in this study favored biodegradation of vinasse.

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