Instrument-free, Automation and multi-platform ready unmodified Iron Oxide based DNA isolation system


The majority of molecular genetic tests start with the extraction of DNA, indicating the great importance of a suitable and reliable method for this purpose. Next to many in-house standard operating procedures (SOPs), a lot of commercial extraction kits have been developed. These methods are generally accepted and have proven their validity with good results. However, it is obvious that the automation and simplification of the extraction procedure could have major benefits; i.e. a higher throughput, more reliable and reproducible processing of the samples, improved traceability and possible streamlining of the entire DNA extraction procedure. To make the process of DNA isolation robust and possible for automation on any automation machine available (example., automated liquid handler), there are several roadblocks like centrifugation. Therefore, we have developed a simple, yet robust isolation technology which can be used on any automation machine and also can be used outside the lab environment at the point of sample collection by anyone. 

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