Design and evaluation of concentric cylinder bio fuel cell with proton exchange membrane-graphite powder–Glucose oxidase anode assembly


The current research is based on Mediated electron transfer in novel electrode assembly. Graphite powder has been used to slow down the movement of glucose oxidase. Glucose oxidase was mixed with graphite powder and stuffed into a compartment with dialysis membrane on one side while Nafion 117 on the other side. The compartment was meshed with stainless steel wire which not only gave support to the graphite powder but also was useful in electron capturing. The dialysis membrane (MW cut-off > 12000 Da) let the glucose molecule to pass through but does not let the enzyme to escape to the solution. This enhances the enzyme activity and longer the half life of the Bio fuel cell (BFC). Hydroquinone was used as the mediator. The assembly generated quite a high current of 18mA and had a power density of 33µW/cm2. The higher current value is due to large effective surface area of contact of the electrode. The design was robust and can be made easily.

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