Biosynthesis, partial purification and characterization of invertase through carrot (Daucus carota l.) peels


The present study was investigated on the production of Invertaseunder solid-state fermentation (SSF) through Aspergillus species, byusing Carrot peels (Daucus carota L.) as a substrate. The highestproductivity of Invertase (7.95±0.1 U/ml) was achieved by usingAspergillus niger at 90% initial moisture content with 1×106spores/ml after 72 hours of incubation period. The enzyme waspurified about 1.42-fold by ammonium sulphate precipitation. Itshowed thermal stability from 20-70oC over a pH range (5.5 to 6.5)with maximum activity at pH 5.5 and 50°C. The enzyme was highlyactive towards sucrose at both concentrations viz: 0.1 M and 0.5 M,but it showed less activity towards glycerol. It was completelyinhibited by Hg2+ (1mM) and slightly stimulated by Co2+ and Na+ atthe same concentration.

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