WIF-1 might play additional role in carcinogenesis and cancer growth via EGFR signaling pathway


All Protein-protein interaction is a well-known phenomenon in cancer cell signaling pathway. To study the potential docking between WIF-1 and EGFR molecules, initial protein-protein docking was performed using CAPRI-listed online servers, namely ZDOCK, GRAMM-X, HEX and PatchDock. The predicted docking conformation issued from various servers suggested the similar potential protein-protein conformational interaction. The lowest docking energy of WIF-1/EGFR binding calculated using HEX server was -616.40 kcal/mol. This was comparable to that of EGF/EGFR binding (-627.18 kcal/mol), indicating a possibility for WIF-1 to bind to EGFR through its EGF-like domain.

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