The role of carboxyl esterase and acid phosphatase in aged and lithium treated rats in regulation of neuronal function


Acid Phosphatase (ACP) and Carboxyl Esterase (CE) wereassayed for four different groups of young and old aged maleAlbino Sprague dawley rats (2-4 and 16-18 months) in brain andliver. Among them both aged rats were treated with 37 mg oflithium chloride (LiCl2) per kilogram of body weight orally for 10days. LiCl2 showed completely positive effect on releasingcarboxyl esterase in both young and old groups of brain (36.1 and89.3 nmoles/min/mg of protein) and liver (114.93 and 91.73nmoles/min/mg of protein) respectively than control. The youngand old rat brain samples treated with LiCl2 showed intense bandfor CE in Native PAGE gel than untreated groups. Acidphosphatase showed more activity in normal young rats than oldaged rats however, old rats treated with LiCl2 showed moresignificant ACP activity (65.3 nmoles/min/mg of protein) andyoung rats showed elevated ACP activity (55.1 nmoles/min/mg ofprotein) respectively than untreated groups. Thus LiCl2 isinvolved in activation of enzymatic function and potential to beintegrated into drug-development programs complexed with CEneuroprotective factor to facilitate the neuronal function.

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