Scale up production of Protease using Pseudomonas aeruginosa MCM B-327 and its Detergent Compatibility


The maximum protease activity was obtained from P. aeruginosa MCM B-327 with soybean meal 1%, tryptone 1%, initial medium pH 7, agitation rate 250 rpm, aeration rate 0.75 vvm and fermentation temperature 30 °C, under submerged fermentation conditions (SmF). The protease productivity at 10 and 120L fermenters was found to be 16,021 and 9,975 UL-1h-1 respectively. Kinetics of cell growth revealed that specific cell growth rate was 0.025 h-1. Protease was active and stable at different pH, temperatures, in anionic, cationic and non-ionic detergent additives, as well as in commercial detergents. The protease exhibited blood stains removing performance indicating its potential in detergent industry. The dried ammonium sulphate precipitated protease was stable at room temperature for a period of one year. The Protease has shown properties suitable for its application in detergents. The results contribute to basic knowledge and application of protease from P.aeruginosa to detergent industry. The studies will help to optimize the production of this protease for biotechnological applications.

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