Role of chromosome 3p22.3 in the development of uterine cervical cancer


AbstractThe aim of this study was to examine the expression of chromosome 3p22.3 and its role in the development of uterine cervical cancer. The 42 unrelated individuals freshly operated specimens from the cervical region with their corresponding normal or peripheral blood leucocytes (PBL) were collected from the patients. The specimens were undertaken for microdissection procedure. The detection of human papilloma virus (HPV) was done by PCR using the primers MY09 and MY11. The 3p22.3 region appeared to be associated with the development of cervical carcinoma because of significant increase of loss of heterozygosity frequency. The differential deletions in the chromosome 3p22.3 region show that this region plays an important role in the development of the uterine cervical cancer.

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