Preparation of Nano-Cellulose from Industrial Waste by Ultrasonic Device

Haneen Lateef Khaleel , Ahmed N. Abd , Karim M. Ali


This research aims at preparing the nano-cellulose in a new way, using technology and raw materials available in the ocean. In this research, waste paper residues isolated from the other wastes (household, industrial, etc.) were completely used. Usually, the initial residues of the waste paper industry will be deposited in the waste. This will cause pollution to the environment. In this way, we will eliminate one of the environmental pollution factors by producing a useful material from these residues, namely, cellulose nano-particles. These substances have a high content of lignocellulosic components that can be converted to the nano-cellulose structures. The acidic decomposition method by 50% sulfuric acid, and the ultrasonic device were used. After cooling and drying, the nano-cellulose was obtained and the diagnosis was made by SEM, AFM, and FT-IR. Keywords: Nanocellulose, Nan

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